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Thursday, October 16, 2003

12:21AM - First entry

The Angels announced that they are releasing Brad Fullmer. They are doing this now in order to maximize his ability to negotiate as a Free Agent. That was awfully nice of them.

Chances are he will be DH'ing for a million a year with someone else in 2004, hopefully not in the American League West. I already started missing #20 when he was injured midway through the 2003 season. This confirms that Kingfish is going to be the fulltime DH and that there is either a trade for Carlos Beltran coming (which would mean goodbye Frankie or Lackey) or that a concerted push for Vladimir Guerrero is in the works.

This means that I added another slash to the list. Here is the Post-Mortems for the 2002 world Champion Squad:

Alex Ochoa (Free agent, 11/02 went to Japan)
Orlando Palmeiro (Free agent, 11/02 signed with St. Louis)
Kevin Appier (released 07/03 signed with KC, won a game, lost a game, then his arm fell off, surprise surprise)
Scott Schoeneweis (Traded, 07/03 the idiot White Sox should have made him their fifth starter)
Benji Gil (designated for assignment, 08/03 signed with Cleveland, who did not call him up in September when rosters expanded, ha ha ha)
Brad Fullmer (released, 10/03)

Important 2002 season contributors left off the post-season roster
Alan Levine (Free agent, 11/02 signed with Tampa Bay, traded to KC)
Lou Pote (Released, 01/03 I dunno, you tell me)
Mickey Callaway (Waiver Free Agent 07/03 signed with Texas, the traitor)

And all good Angel fans should be rooting against the Yankees in game 7 of the ALCS tonight. Why? Roger Clemens beat the Angels 29 times in his career. That trumps anything Boston ever did to our franchise.

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