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Anaheim Angels Blog of Los Angeles - Day

Saturday, July 3, 2004

12:46AM - El Jefe

Well this was a big day for me as an Angel fan.

I met Arte Moreno. Shook his hand. He was right next to the Gene Autry statue outside the stadium a half-hour before the game. I had spotted Angels President Dennis Kuhl and struck up a casual conversation - now, that was one guy who was happy to be spotted, so then Arte walks over to us.

But it gets better. I ask Arte about getting Randy Johnson and he is straight - no bullshit. Tells me that Johnson is 41, has a huge contract and that the D-Backs want Mathis AND either Kotchman or MacPherson. No Stoneman stonewalling. This guy is a look-you-in-the-eye guy. It was amazing.

Then we pulverized the Dodgers. It was one of those everyone gets a Ribby games. Sele baffled the Dodgers. They watched many a strike go by, looking stupid in the process. But the two homers the Blue Nationals did hit were aggressive swings as the game ticked closer to its finish. Sele was aggressive, the hitters got more aggressive. It worked a little, but they needed it to work a lot and it did not.

Based on the reaction to the Dodger homeruns, I would put the Red/Blue polarity at a 60/40.

Before the aftergame fireworks, we had moved up to near the First Base dugout and Robb Quinlan is geting interviewed, has the headphones on, is holding the mic, and Jose Guillen runs up and around back with a pie and splats Quinlan’s face. That was Robb's reward for two RBIs tonight. He started becasue Figgins had goten a concussion in Oakland.

Oh, and Alfredo Amezaga got a bloop hit. His batting average went from .145 to .157 in one swing.

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