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Anaheim Angels Blog of Los Angeles - Day

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

9:45PM - A.L.D.S. GAME 1

Well, we did have runners on base during every inning until the 8th.

Oh well, better to have the pitching duel game also be the blowout game.

At the moment of the first hard chopper to Figgins the first thing you think is why not Amezaga at 3rd and Figgy at 2nd. What a mess.

Washburn was basically okay. If the throw home is a double play, he goes five and gives up three.

We can go on and on form there. Boston seized the moment and the momentum. All we can hope for is a good game out of Bartolo, as our sticks can definitely do it.

We were going to take Amtrack down but at Union Station this morning, Amtrak employee J.R. Lacy held up the line for no reason other than he could, made us all wait in a line and then the train left. It left. My girlfriend and I jogged back to the parking structure, hopped in her Toyota and hit the 5 South, but others waiting to get on the Southbound Surfliner were stranded. Never gonna be a big league team if we cannot take public transportation to the game. You can get to Yankee Stadium on the subway, Arte, but you are at the mercy of this slovenly apathete for a playoff game. All around bad.

Lot of drunken idiot Boston transplants got arrested at the game. Go back to your Wooster Winters.

10:02PM - First Pitch

Oh, I will admit to holding back tears watching Tim Salmon come out to the mound on crutches to throw out the first pitch.

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